Advanced Risk Management for Projects

In this workshop, participants take a deep dive on the topic of project risk management, exploring advanced methods and tools beyond simply identifying project risks. This class uses the participants real-life projects as case studies to enable effective transfer to the workplace.

Course Length Format Recommended for Includes:
2 days Workshop and lecture • PMPs
• Those with 3+ years of PM
experience and a basic understanding of project risk management
• Workbook with additional information and exercises

Course Objectives

• Develop risk impact, probability and urgency scales
• Identify risk limits
• Explore methods for identifying risks
• Apply risk qualification analysis
• Learn how to use decision trees
• Develop overall project risk levels
• Understand simulation tools for risk management
• Develop a risk register
• Develop an ongoing risk management plan

Course Outline

1. Introduction
2. Setting the Risk Limit
3. Identifying risks and opportunities
4. Analyzing risk qualifications
5. Analyzing overall project risk
6. Using simulation tools
7. Analyzing schedule and budget risks
8. Monitoring and managing project risks