Building Resilience in Project Teams

Projects are temporary, but team members usually are not. Burning out to complete a project may give some short term gains, but can be very expensive to the organization the long run. In this workshop, participants will look at causes and effects of stress, and more importantly, of resilience. They will also look at techniques to manage stress and increase resilience for themselves and their teams.

Course Length Format Recommended for Includes:
2 days Workshop • Anyone involved with projects • Workbook with additional information and exercises

Course Objectives

• Understand what stress is and how it affects us
• Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of burn-out in yourself and others
• Learn and practice techniques for increasing personal resiliency
• Develop an environment that fosters resiliency and reduces burn-out.

Course Outline

1. What is Stress, and What Does it Matter?
Definitions of Stress
The Brain and the Body Under Stress
Factors in Assessing Stress
Exercise – Stress Test
2. Understanding and Developing Resilience
Definition of Resilience
Good Stress and Bad Stress
Managing Reaction to Stress
The Role of Emotional Intelligence
Exercises to Manage Stress
Recognizing and Dealing with Stress
3. Characteristics of Resilient Teams
Team Health Check
Team Models
Levels of Commitment
4. Project Tools for Resilient Teams
Taking the Team’s Pulse
Aligning the Team to the Project Objectives
Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
Decision Making Processes
Conflict Management
Identifying Growth Plans for Team Members
Finding Balance