Sandy has left us in the dark. We expected it- we live in a fairly rural corner of Bucks County, PA, where there are overhead power lines and a lot of roads lined with trees. Fifty-plus mile-per-hour winds don't mix we'll with that combination. The October ice storm left us without power for 4 days last year - the longest power outage I've ever experienced. There were at least four breaks in that line - the power company called me every time they thought my power was restored. We are pretty far down the line in the count of homes ...


Google is a quintessential Gen X company, much less fettered by the beliefs of the industrial age organizations that define how to be successful, and even what is success.  They have provided a number of new standards and ideas for those who want to thrive in the 21st century.  Many of the companies started by Gen X-ers follow different rules and embrace different values – Google is one that is so successful that people take notice. One such practice that is being talked about is mindfulness.  Usually the talk is quiet, as is the practice!  Among the Baby Boomers it is ...


So What’s the Deal with Coaching?

So What's the Deal with Coaching? ong, long ago, it was the goal of every young adult to land a job with a great firm where you would have a job for life. Once you landed in the ideal company, you would be part of the family - starting at an entry level and working your way up the corporate ladder.   Along this journey, more senior members of the team would guide and mentor you, keeping a keen eye on your progress, \ giving advice and perhaps a recommendation or reference, and helping you ...


I know I'm honest (mostly) but are you?  What do you fib about?  What compels people to lie outright?  If you think it would be interesting to know the science behind lying, here it is. This is the third book by Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University.  Behavioral economics is a new field of study, crossing the practices of psychology and economics. (As of this writing, there are no degrees offered in behavioral economics, though there are courses ...