Most people think that meetings are a complete waste of time.  Well, other people's meetings are - their own meetings are important.  Agendas are uncommon, or too vague when they are written and then not followed.  People are unprepared, distracted by blackberries and laptops, and don't contribute much of real use to the discussions.  The meeting chair rants, or fumbles or gropes for answers.  People are frustrated, bored, sleeping.   Everyone shows up though, unless they are in some other unimportant meeting.  Sound familiar? Meetings are one of the main shields in the arsenal to defend against work cowardice.  What is work ...


So What’s the Deal with Coaching?

So What's the Deal with Coaching? ong, long ago, it was the goal of every young adult to land a job with a great firm where you would have a job for life. Once you landed in the ideal company, you would be part of the family - starting at an entry level and working your way up the corporate ladder.   Along this journey, more senior members of the team would guide and mentor you, keeping a keen eye on your progress, \ giving advice and perhaps a recommendation or reference, and helping you ...


I know I'm honest (mostly) but are you?  What do you fib about?  What compels people to lie outright?  If you think it would be interesting to know the science behind lying, here it is. This is the third book by Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University.  Behavioral economics is a new field of study, crossing the practices of psychology and economics. (As of this writing, there are no degrees offered in behavioral economics, though there are courses ...


I will be presenting the Project Management in Action workshop, at the PMI 2012 Congress Mega SeminarsWorld in Vancouver, Canada, October 18-20, 2012. Click here for more information and to register on-line through PMI. This workshop uses accelerated learning- a method for adults to learn using hands-on and experiential techniques.  Come to hone your skills and practice all those PMBOK® Guide techniques that you always meant to use on your project, but never quite got to execute! See you in Vancouver!