Effective Project Communication

“Poor communication” is the most commonly cited complaint of project teams, and is a common cause of frustration, misunderstanding and even project failure. In this workshop we will look at techniques to enable us to be better communicators with all of our stakeholders. We’ll look at methods for effective one-on-one communication, group facilitation, communication in meetings and on conference calls, and communication across cultural borders.

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Course Objectives

• Identify common causes of communication breakdown
• Look at different personality types and their communication styles and preferences
• Learn techniques for effective one-on-one communication
• Learn techniques for facilitating group discussions and decisions
• Look at cultural factors and methods for communicating effectively with those in other cultures
• Learn techniques for communicating effectively with virtual teams

Course Outline

1. Introduction to communication concepts
2. Identifying communication styles
3. Identifying and speaking to people with different styles
4. Understanding group dynamics
5. Facilitation techniques to enhance communication and creativity
6. Introduction to cultural models
7. Rules and tips for dealing with culturally diverse teams
8. Effective virtual meetings
9. Keeping the team spirit alive with virtual teams