Leveraging Your Brain to Manage Projects

In this workshop, we will examine and apply the practices of neuro-leadership to understand what our brains do as we perform our day-to-day project tasks, and how to exploit this understanding to improve our ability to prioritize, organize, estimate and communicate more effectively. We will look at how to listen more effectively, manage our inner state for better focus and control, and “read” the state others may be in to enable us to communicate with them more effectively.

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Course Objectives

• Understand basic brain physiology and its impact on our thinking and actions
• Learn methods for effectively setting priorities
• Learn methods for dealing with complex tasks such as estimating
• Learn methods for giving and receiving feedback
• Learn methods for identifying and managing energy and mental states – our own, and others!

Course Outline

1. Introduction to the brain
2. The effect of energy and state of mind on performance
3. Setting priorities
4. Organizing work and maximizing effectiveness
5. Dealing with complexity
6. Enabling creativity
7. Dealing with stress and pressure
8. Making decisions – the effects of uncertainty