Project Initiation and Sponsor Guidance

In this course, participants will learn the details of initiating a project and building a working relationship with their sponsors.

Course Length Format Recommended for Includes:
2 days Workshop • Project managers
• Project team members
• Program managers
• Project sponsors
• Anyone involved with starting up projects
• Workbook with additional information and exercises
• Project charter and scope templates

Course Objectives

• Understand the prerequisites to starting a project
• Develop a project charter & preliminary scope statement
• Clarify the role of the project sponsor
• Develop skills to help your sponsor provide you with the support you need

Course Outline

1. Before a Project is a Project
Defining a Project
Differentiating Projects from Processes
Project Selection
Benefit Calculations
2. Developing a Business Case
Business case usage
Elements of a Business Case
Project Feasibility
Product Forecasts
Setting up Evaluation Criteria
Identifying the “Kill Point”
3. Developing the Project Charter
Writing a problem statement
Writing a vision statement
Developing the charter
Defining constraints
Identifying assumptions
4. Kicking Off a Project
Setting up a Kick-Off Meeting
Setting up the Project Environment
Getting clear on Roles and Processes
5. Selecting the Project Manager
Identifying needed competencies
Estimating the amount of time project management
will take
6. The Role of the Sponsor
Defining the Sponsor’s Role
The Sponsor’s Contribution to Project Success
How a Sponsor Can Impede Success
7. The Care and Feeding of the Project Sponsor
What Kind of Sponsor Do You Have?
Sponsor Key Competencies
The Time Commitment for a Project Sponsor
Common PM Challenges with the Sponsor
Answering Questions to Build Sponsor Engagement
Dealing with Different Sponsor Issues
*Exercise – most are actually developing the work
artifact for the sample project with the class team.