Project Management in Action

Need to put all that project management training to use, but not sure where to start? This workshop uses the accelerated learning technique to provide intensive practice in using the tools of project management to build a project plan and manage its execution. This method has virtually no lecture – participants work in teams to complete work assignments based on a case study. The workshop includes a baseline and follow up test and debrief exercises for each section. Following a consultation, the workshop will be customized to fit your needs. The list below includes all optional exercises, but note that not all will fit into the 3 day timeframe.

Note: This class requires a case study aligned with your organizational approach and work type, and may require an additional one-time development cost to set up the case.

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Course Objectives

• Use accelerated learning techniques to sharpen skills and apply project management tools
• Develop a project plan in full
• Apply methods to manage and control the project in execution
• Close the project successfully

Course Outline

1. Introduction
Baseline test
Case study introduction
2. Project Setup
Project Charter
Team assignments
Roles and responsibilities
3. Project Scoping
Scope statement
4. Project Schedule and Budget
Resource planning
Developing the schedule
5. Project Quality, Risk and Communication
Quality planning
Risk planning
Communication plan development
6. Project Plan Development
Change management planning
7. Project Execution Management
Updating the schedule
Implementing a change
8. Project Closing
Closing the project

Additional options:
Stakeholder analysis
Kick-off meeting
Make or buy decisions
Setting up an RFP
Acceptance and evaluation criteria
Developing the budget
Holding a plan review
Status meetings
Quality reporting