The 9 Domains of Project Leadership

This 2 day workshop explores 9 aspects of project management and the contributions each makes to project success. It also looks at 9 personality styles and their approach to leading as well as their impact on others. We will explore the styles of communication, organization and conflict management of each, and how to leverage your own style to be effective with all types of individuals.

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Course Objectives

• Explore the concepts of leadership in the project management context
• Identify the specific leadership needs for projects
• Examine leadership styles and identify your own styles
• Understand the gifts and blind spots of each type
• Learn and practice methods for communicating your ideas and needs effectively
• Learn and practice methods for addressing conflict with people of different styles

Course Outline

1. Introduction to project management leadership concepts
2. Overview of leadership styles
3. Introduction to the Enneagram
4. Overview of the 9 Domains of Project Leadership
5. Methods for influencing others
6. Understanding conflict styles
7. Methods for addressing conflicts with different types
8. Understanding motivation