Using Your Schedule as an Influencing Tool

Using Your Schedule as an Influencing Tool    Abstract Developing and maintaining a project schedule is one thing. Turning it into a decision support tool for the team and project stakeholders is another.  This paper explores methods for making the schedule accessible and relevant to the team members, not just the project manager. Project schedules are dense with information and contain a lot of shorthand to describe complex deliverables and tasks.  Team members often ignore the schedule as it is too abstract and complex for their day-to-day use.  The schedule therefore becomes the sole realm of the project manager and is labeled “bureaucratic,” ...



Sandy has left us in the dark. We expected it- we live in a fairly rural corner of Bucks County, PA, where there are overhead power lines and a lot of roads lined with trees. Fifty-plus mile-per-hour winds don't mix we'll with that combination. The October ice storm left us without power for 4 days last year - the longest power outage I've ever experienced. There were at least four breaks in that line - the power company called me every time they thought my power was restored. We are pretty far down the line in the count of homes ...