Project Management Books

When I first became interested in formal project management (before anyone except the UNIX geeks who worked for me had access to the internet, and searching meant going through the card catalog in the library), there were hardly any project management books to be found, and most of them were really awful college textbooks.  One exception was Jim Lewis’s The Project Manager’s Desk Reference, which for a long time was my bible and road to PM sanity.

For some years after that, particularly when Barnes and Noble (my version of Mecca) went on-line and Amazon was born, I collected every book I could find on project management, but eventually even I couldn’t keep up.  Honestly, most didn’t say anything new about project management, though some said the same stuff better.  This list is not the complete set, but offers some really great resources to aid you in your quest for knowledge on the topic.  I’ve omitted the klunkers and those that are too outdated, as there is such a wide selection on the market.

Project Management Book List

General books, rated both for usefulness at work and usefulness in preparing for certification.  Click here to see the PM book list.

Software Project Management Book List

The IT world has long been convinced that they do project management differently.  Actually, they tend to mix their quality disciplines and project management disciplines together, and blur in business analysis.  Click here to see the IT PM book list.

Systems Development & Software Engineering Book List

Useful resources for development practices.  Click here to see the systems development & SW engineering book list.