Self Development Books

One of the hallmarks of a great leader is to be a perpetual student, to continue growing and learning every day.  In addition to expanding your skills as a leader or manager, or learning more about technology or interpersonal skills, great leaders seek to learn more about themselves.  Here are some interesting selections to advance your own self-knowledge and skills.

Purpose and Passion Books

Having a clear purpose and a means to fuel your passion is what gives life and work meaning, and enables creativity.    Here are some books on purpose and passion.

Career Management

Once upon a time, careers were clearly mapped and one simply had to put in their time and complete their work (or so we’re told.)  If that was ever true, it isn’t today – today you will likely have more than a dozen employers and three or more different careers.  Here are some books on how to manage your own career.


You’ve heard “It’s not what you know but who you know.”  Both are important!  Successful people maintain their network, cultivating relationships and finding ways to maintain connections with lots of different people.  The people on the outer edges of your circle of friends and acquaintances are the source of new information and connections – they widen your circle immensely and greatly improve the odds of you finding the person or information you need.  Here are some books to help you expand and manage your network.

Organization and Time Management

Setting priorities,  managing your calendar, organizing your work – good systems and habits can reduce stress or create it.  Here are some tried-and-true techniques for managing your time and work.