Sometimes it helps to have an outside view of a project, problem or organization to be able to see clearly and make effective decisions.  As a consultant I have helped clients to develop and implement managerial processes that enable better decision making, provide clear direction and communication and deliver results.


Consultation Areas

  1. Project management practices
  2. Team dynamics and team building
  3. Leadership practices
  4. Project management offices and tools
  5. New product development processes
  6. Organizational structures
  7. Project planning workshops
  8. Product requirements workshops
  9. Lessons learned sessions
  10. Risk planning workshops
  11. Competency assessments
  12. Assessing runaway projects and getting them back on track
  13. Creative problem solving

Consulting Approach

For some organizations, bringing in outside help is a difficult decision – concerns about costs, value and control can make it hard to know who will bring the help needed to suit the organization in a timely manner.  My goal in consulting is to provide guidance that will help you develop the skills and knowledge to enable you to create your own success.