Leadership and Management Books

Leadership is one of the oldest topics around – people have been writing books on leadership since people have been writing books.  And yet there is still plenty more to say on the topic.  Here we’ll explore leadership, management, motivation and influence.

Leadership Books

Click here to see some of my favorite books on leadership.

Management Books

I differentiate management from leadership in that you can manage stuff, but you must lead people.  The stuff includes tasks and processes as well as material things – and generally even that will need a generous dash of leadership.  Here are some suggested readings on management.

Motivation Books

This is a favorite topic of mine – how do we create and sustain our energy around a topic, particularly when our brains are programmed to give less attention to the familiar?  Here are some interesting books that look at motivation.

Influence Books

Influence is the most important skill a leader can possess, in fact John Maxwell says that leadership is the ability to influence; no more, no less.  Here are some books to help you understand and master the art of influencing others.