Business Analysis Books

Business analysis is becoming a widely accepted and valued position in organizations today, particularly those that are looking for new ways to leverage information systems – far beyond just tracking inventory and accounting functions.  Good business analysis allows us to deal effectively with complexity, which in turn enables creativity and innovation.  Here are a few titles I’ve read to enhance your learning in this field.

Business Analysis & Requirements Book List

Click here to find some books on business analysis and requirements.

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New Product Development Book List

This is a critical area for businesses to master, and a valuable perspective for business analysts.  Click here for the New Product Development book list.

Software Testing Book List

I have never personally been a software tester, though I have managed these folks, and thereby came to have great respect for this profession.    Click here for the testing book list.  Also check out the quality book list.

Facilitation Book List

Business analysts are often called upon to act as facilitators, and this can be a great way of advancing your career as this is a visible role. Click here for some great resources on facilitation.

Change & Transition Book List

You might also like to check the resources for transition and change.