Defining and Documenting Project Requirements

Properly understood requirements are vital to project success. Faced with increasingly turbulent business environments and the increasing complexity of projects, properly managing the requirements process is only becoming more difficult. Within this context, the course examines such topics as needs assessments, stakeholder evaluation, systems analysis, requirements determination and verification techniques, functional versus technical requirements, requirements-related quality assessment processes, requirements documentation methodologies, and requirements change management. A comprehensive case study will provide for the application of various requirements determination and management techniques.

Course Length Format Recommended for Includes:
2 days Workshop • Anyone involved with defining projects requirements • Workbook with additional information and exercises

Course Objectives

• Understand the relationship between requirements management and project management
• Use techniques for eliciting complete and correct requirements
• Document requirements for clear communication and management
• Manage requirements to create project success

Course Outline

1. Requirements and Project Management
The Role of Requirements in Project Planning
Challenges of Getting Good Requirements
Requirements Management Approaches
Stakeholder Analysis
2. Eliciting Requirements
Tools for Elicitation
Techniques for Getting the Information You Need
3. Analyzing Requirements
Developing Scenarios
Understanding Boundaries
4. Modeling Requirements
Data Models
Process Models
Usage Models
Support Models
5. Developing the Requirements Document
Syntax for Writing Requirements
Correcting Common Mistakes
Developing Rationale
Validation and Verification
6. Managing Requirements
Developing a Requirements Management Plan
Prioritizing Requirements
Managing Changes